Design Design
Designing port area’s and seaport/maritime terminals go well beyond the technical challenge of traditional large infrastructure works. Portexpertise offers a unique operational view on these designs.
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Procure Procure
PortExpertise’s specialists assists you in a neutral way in finding financing solutions, and in your – not the suppliers ! - selection process of the needed fixed asset.
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Optimisation Optimisation
In the ever changing business environment, all processes, whether operational or back office need a regular optimisation overhaul.
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Monitoring Monitoring
Portexpertise offers certification schemes and services that makes your company short listed for the shipping parties. Ensure that your quays & port operations match the agreed KPI in your commercial contracts.
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News & Press

Events selected by PeX

- CSCMP event ‘Blockchain for Transport & Logistics: Hype or Opportunity?’, November 3rd 2016 in Antwerp.
- Logistieke dienstverlening 3.0, Nxtport, Cubix & Logiqstar, November 8, Antwerps Havenhuis
- VLEVA CEF call for project 2016, info day, November 7, Brussels
- Transport & Logistics, 29-30 November, Rotterdam
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CoRISMa project delivered

In December 2015, the 3 years TEN-T financed project RIS Enabled Corridor Management was successfully finished. Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium participated in this River Information Systems Exchange project between member states and logistics partners. The final event was organized at the Antwerp Cruise Terminal.
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About PortExpertise

PortExpertise is a private company, offering specialised business advice for maritime & port related clients.
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